7th WUKF World Karate Championships For All Ages, DUNDEE, SCOTLAND, 2018

Online registration at registration.wukf-karate.org

April 12th 2018: Corrected the names of the Kumite Rotation Shobu Nihon categories for children.

April 12th 2018: Changes to the Wado and Goju Seminars schedules in the General program.

April 03rd 2018 Added the Buy Tickets to the main menu.

March 26th 2018 Added Sidlaw Travel Airport Transfers and Stagecoach East Scotland Airport Transfers to How to Arrive.

March 26th 2018 Added Invitation - WUKF Dundee Official Reception and Dinner to the Event Specials.

February 26th 2018 Categories updates.

February 13th 2018 Added the Categories.

February 11th 2018: Updated the General program. Some locations have been changed.

February 06th 2018: Updated the General program.

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For the 6th WUKF WORLD KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR ALL AGES, DUBLIN, IRELAND, 2016, please go to http://www.wukf-karate.org/hotsite/2016-World-Dublin-Ireland/